The Sky’s the Limit In The Cloud

Many times, small businesses come to us for quotes and content plans, but they’re not really sure what it is that we do.  That’s understandable, the copywriter is always the unsung hero of the best marketing campaigns.  So, what does a copywriter do?  We do a bunch!  Here’s a list of a few of our talents, but it’s only the beginning:

1. Choose the Right Words

Words have power.  They can do almost anything, and we’re the ones who know them best.  Even though we’ve held other jobs in the real world, we’ve spent our lives studying the power of words.

2. Infuse Content with Emotion

Random letters without emotion are just bad vegetable soup.  That’s why we always judge the emotional content necessary before we start, then we give it all a little twist.  After all, no one likes those bland, soupy letters.

3. Keep Things Entertaining

Even the most boring topics (in someone’s opinion, anyway), can be made interesting if they’re properly understood and presented.  We have a way of taking those complext ideas and distilling them down to their parts, then using engaging language to forge them into best sellers!

4. Attract All the Best People

Every so often, we all run into that natural storyteller who seem to draw the most interesting types to themselves like a magnet.  Not to brag, but that’s us.  After all, how many people do you know that spend their days researching topics like “How to Milk a Cat” and then immediately switch gears to “Building a Better Business?”

5. Yeah, We’re That Guy

Even the ladies.

Especially the ladies….

6. But No One Has to Know

The beauty of working with professional writers is that we don’t crave glory, we just crave candy.  Our job is to make you look good in print and digital, without ever being acknowledged for our contribuitions.