Niche Content Specialties

What If Your Writers Knew Your Industry?

Can you imagine the time you’d free up if your writers knew your industry inside and out? Maybe they’ve put lots of time in the field or they’ve spent years and years as a fly on the wall nearby. Both types can create new content for your business that’s both engaging and original because of their unique insights.  Below you’ll find just some of our most popular industries and categories.


Niche Specialized Copywriters:


Understand Your Leads’ Concerns

Knowing an industry means understanding what it is that makes people read, buy, click and the like.  What makes them tick helps us make them click.


Deliver Real Insight

Insights come from experience with a topic area; they can’t be gained by regurgitating what other writers have had to say on the subject repeatedly.


Engage Your Audience

Engagement may be the go-to online buzzword, but it really does matter.  The more your visitors interact with your site, the more they want to.


How are those car sales going?  Could your efforts use some more colorful words and phrases?  The automotive experts at In The Cloud Copy have you covered.  From vehicle descriptions to blogs about the best American muscle cars of all time, you’ll have the slickest assets in your space.

Car Maintenance
Classic American Muscle
Exotic Automotive
Fleet Vehicles

Business Services

It’s your business, so you do your own thing.  But when you need help maintaining your blog or redesigning your website, we’re here to support B2Bs like logistics and fulfillment companies, marketing companies and insurance companies.

Small Business Insurance
Small Business Marketing
Supply Chain and Logistics


Your home health care business, recovery center or diabetes practice has to have specialized content to match an audience with unique needs.  From describing solutions to sparking discussions that need to take place, the right words can change lives for your medical audience.

Addiction and Recovery
Diabetes Care
Home Health Care


Not every job is sexy, but jobs like yours are especially troublesome at times.  Many writers won’t touch subject areas that are gruesome or require real effort to deliver in a package that your potential customers can stomach.  Don’t worry, we’ve been in the remediation game for a long time, lwe can handle whatever you want to throw at us.

Crime Scene Remediation
Disaster Clean-Up
Mold Remediation

Residential Construction

The construction industry has its ups and downs, but you can even out those bumps with content that converts.  Whether you’re selling homes to homebuyers, supplying contractors with building supplies or getting into the green home space, your job is a tricky one, but we can help.

Construction Materials
DIY Home Maintenance
Green Homes
Smart Home and Voice Assistants
Solar and Renewable Energy

Personal Finance

Everybody can benefit from more knowledge in the personal finance industry, but right now you’re trying to leverage it to attract more clients.  Our retired Realtors, insurance agents and investment experts will create a digital impression that excites and engages your customers.

Automotive Insurance
First Time Homebuyer Mortgages
Homeowner’s Insurance
Investment News
Medical Insurance
Residential Real Estate
Personal Credit


Real knowledge of the tech world is hard to fake.  You’ll find that your copy is spot-on with the latest news and analysis on topics ranging from machine learning to blockchain and even smart homes.  If you’re a NetSuite partner or reseller, we’ve got you covered, too.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Oracle NetSuite
Smart Home and Voice Assistants

Vacations and Destinations

Tourism is such a competitive industry.  You basically spend most of your time trying to convince people hundreds or thousands of miles away to come visit your specific location in the tiny window they have for vacation.  Only the right words will do the job.