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There is Nothing More Valuable Than Human Equity

When I had to make the difficult transition from journalist at a real life newspaper to a pen for hire, I was forced to face a lot of hard truths about the very dirty world that is copywriting. The hardest? That the people of the digital world don’t matter.

*Tosses Confetti*

This is a brief announcement to let you, the fair and good people of the world, know that In The Cloud Copy is having a grand re-opening. I was sick, but now I’m better. I was weak, but now I’m strong. I was sleepy, but now I’m still sleepy… and maybe I need a nap.…
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A Push from Our Resident Spirit

Do you see that? Up in the sky? It’s my freak flag and it’s flying high, my friends.   For those of you new to the party, toward the beginning of this journey, I wrote this post. It directed my readers, based on months of research and observation, to let loose in order to set…
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Better Marketing for Invisible Industries

The sudden awkward silence was so thick that I could barely see the teenager running the till at her father’s restaurant. Gurdev and his family owned the only Indian restaurant in my last place of residence, so it would follow that I’d be in there frequently to have a curry.  Eventually, all restaurant owners (and…
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OMG! Stop Trying to Sneaky Sell Me!

I literally just got off the phone with someone who emailed me under the pretense that they needed help teaching an AI how to write copy.  Now, I am not of the opinion that AIs can do this sort of job — not yet, anyway — but I am always one to help out when…
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“Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good”

I’ve been working with a client who is offering consulting services to others in her field.  She said something to me during a discussion over materials that we’ve revised repeatedly, and it’s really stuck with me. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.   This is probably on a mug somewhere, but…
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I Have a Standing Date on Thursday Afternoons

Before I start this blog, I want you to understand that my business is somehow succeeding despite my best efforts. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing, but I keep doing it and nothing’s on fire yet, so go fig. We just had our first birthday, so hooray! It’s Thursday and I just wrapped…
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One More Blog That’s Going to Make My Editor Cry

I’m sorry, Eagle Eye. I am. But if I’ve learned nothing else from the last week, it’s that losing an employee is not uncommon, but no one really wants to talk about it. So I think we have to. Don’t we? We owe that to her. Today, I’m going to deal with the subject that…
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Business Is Business

There are some days that will remain forever burned into the soul, like a giant purple scar in the shape of a calendar.  For Team In The Cloud Copy, that day was April 30, 2019. It was the day we learned that one of our own, Victoria Bailey, passed on.  She had a stroke in…
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Three Lessons from My Week Away from LI

You may have noticed I reran content last week (*gasp*) so you’d not be lonely.  That was because a handful of really stupid things happened and I needed to deal with the dumpster fires first.  Fortunately, there were some lessons I can share with you from this whole shebangabang, so maybe you can not make…
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