Author: Kristi Waterworth

There is Nothing More Valuable Than Human Equity

When I had to make the difficult transition from journalist at a real life newspaper to a pen for hire, I was forced to face a lot of hard truths about the very dirty world that is copywriting. The hardest? That the people of the digital world don’t matter.

*Tosses Confetti*

This is a brief announcement to let you, the fair and good people of the world, know that In The Cloud Copy is having a grand re-opening. I was sick, but now I’m better. I was weak, but now I’m strong. I was sleepy, but now I’m still sleepy… and maybe I need a nap.…
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What Do You Do When the Words Won’t Come?

There are nights so long that I wonder if I can reach out and touch the infinite, and there are days that linger until the things that once tethered them to the earth are nothing but ash and bone.  None of this can even begin to compete with the excruciatingly long time between each beat…
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What’s a Creative Brief?

Part of my goal with moving my blogging here to LinkedIn is to ensure that the people who need information I can provide the most are able to get it.  That way, you can decide for yourself if you want to hire a copywriting company to help with those writing jobs, if you want to…
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Do You Remember How to Sell Hope?

By now it’s common knowledge that Russian agents managed to manipulate the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere using social media and well-designed, properly placed messages.  They pushed and pushed and pushed on that fear button, eventually turning us against one another and busting an already fragmented country into a million pieces. Russia sold us…
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Thoughts From The Cloud: 7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Copywriting Relationship

Here In The Cloud, we work with a lot of different clients who each have very different needs. One small business might want to look over the first few blogs, but have us basically run the show so they can get on with whatever it is they do. Another is very concerned about quality and…
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Thoughts From The Cloud: 5 Keys to Writing Good Copy

There are still plenty of people out there who believe, however naively, that good writing comes from some sort of Word Fairy who sprinkles fairy dust on people as they sleep, thus inciting inspiration and creativity. The truth, I’m sorry to say, is far from this.  Good copy comes from good copywriters. Good copywriters come…
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Thoughts From the Cloud: 3 Strategies for Describing Your Business on LinkedIn

In The Cloud Copy started as a one man band, under a completely different name.  Back then, I was just “Kristi Waterworth, Writer.” That’s something that’s easy to explain to anybody who might ask you what you do: “I write stuff for money.”  But now that “Waterworth Writes” has matured into “In The Cloud Copy,”…
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Thoughts From The Cloud: 5 Clients to Keep, 5 Clients to Dump

As I sit here wondering how I’m on the fourth iteration of this week’s blog and eating all the Halloween candy that was probably supposed to be for Trick O’ Treaters, I have only just realized that this month has been a really busy one with a lot of really vital decisions having to be…
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Thoughts From The Cloud: Get Off That Marketing Hamster Wheel

I’m noticing a really terrible trend among SMBs these days.  You’re not going to admit it if you’re having this problem, so I shouldn’t even ask, but hey, it couldn’t hurt anything. Are You on a Marketing Hamster Wheel? Are you running your bejeesus off just to get nowhere?  Do you run and run and…
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