A Push from Our Resident Spirit

A Push from Our Resident Spirit

Do you see that?

Up in the sky?

It’s my freak flag and it’s flying high, my friends.  

For those of you new to the party, toward the beginning of this journey, I wrote this post. It directed my readers, based on months of research and observation, to let loose in order to set their brand apart from all the other clones of them out there.

There are tons of people in gray suits walking around pretending to know things.  Do you know how tedious that is? How redundant and boring? If you don’t, the answer is really freaking boring.

Be the Red Sail on a Sea of Gray

When I work with young copywriters, one of the concepts I try to fill them with is the sea of gray.  This is essentially a newspaper thing, but it applies to the web, too. Too much of the content out there is boring — it all looks the same and there’s nothing to draw the reader’s attention.  It’s a sea of gray.

Those stuffed suits are also a sea of gray.  Gray as far as you can see. You have to be who you are in the digital age.  Be true to your brand and you will get not only the customers you want but the ones you deserve.

Who cares if some gray suit thinks your red sail is a little much?  He doesn’t service your niche; he doesn’t know your clients. When it’s all the same, you have to break up the gray if you want to get noticed.

A Death Brought Us Back to Life

I know I promised I’d not write about Vic again, but I’m just going to mention her for a minute.  As we crept ever nearer to our first birthday, it seemed that In The Cloud Copy was in a doldrum. We couldn’t find a way to move forward, and a lot of that was on me.

Something snapped in all of us when Vic died.  I can see it on every member of my team, as if it was still fresh.  Sometimes someone will say “do it for Vic…” or “Vic would tell you to get out there and just do the thing.”

And they’re right.

And they break my heart.

Because even with her gone, Victoria is a vital member of our team.

It was this invisible team member, in fact, that pushed me to bid on a project I wouldn’t normally touch with someone else’s clicker.  The types that usually ask for this kind of project (I AM BEING SO VAGUE AND I’M NOT SORRY… well, I kinda am) are… I’m not sure the right word in this day and age, but let’s say you can’t rely on them to keep their word or to follow through.

But I bid it and we got the contract and, frankly, the fella that we’re working with is really together and I genuinely enjoy conversing with him.

Out of Our Rut

Before Vic’s death, we were in a serious rut, but something happened to us that changed everything when she passed on.  A fire was lit underneath us. We’re working on some pretty cool projects, to come to fruition soon. For example, a good friend and I are working on some new promotional material (oh, you’ll find out first, my little buttercups) and we finally launched our publishing company.

Cumulus Publishing Co. had been in the works at the same time as In The Cloud Copy.  I just didn’t have enough energy to do both a year ago, so I had to choose.  ITC was the winner because it had to be. But with this new project, Cumulus Publishing Co. is now a thing.

We’re working on a great book as the very first thing to go through CPC.  The first real thing.  I may write up a little marketing eBook and stick it through the machine just to test it all out, but that’s not the point.  The point is that we have a publishing company now.

And we’re not in a rut anymore.

And I’d like to say that it’s because we found a way to love our jobs more, to be happier, and any other number of lies, but the truth is that I don’t know what happened.  Vic died and we all found beauty and inspiration in it. Life is funny sometimes.

Vic, wherever you are right now, thanks.  For giving me back my drive. For reminding me to let my freak flag fly.  For preaching “business is business” like some kind of religious zealot. ITC is back in full force.

We’re even having a really lively discussion on Messenger about publishing options (we don’t have a book type press, but we can do mailers in house).  When I say lively, I mean that we’re collaborating, and I couldn’t be happier. We haven’t done that in a while, but we’re clicking along now!


If you want to get started on your own book, eBook or custom mailers, Cumulus Publishing Co., an In The Cloud Copy property, is officially open for business.

Unlike a lot of companies, we don’t really have a minimum size for a project.  If you want three words spelled out with jelly beans, we’re on it as long as the budget is right.  

Speaking of which, have you seen our In The Cloud Copy specials lately?  Just a little something to help out other small businesses.  We know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to create your own copy.

If you need to contact me or anyone on my staff, please drop us a line at info@InTheCloudCopy.com  I think that’s plenty of this CTA for today, don’t you?