Better Marketing for Invisible Industries

Better Marketing for Invisible Industries

The sudden awkward silence was so thick that I could barely see the teenager running the till at her father’s restaurant.

Gurdev and his family owned the only Indian restaurant in my last place of residence, so it would follow that I’d be in there frequently to have a curry.  Eventually, all restaurant owners (and their family members) start getting friendly with the regulars; it’s a great way to encourage repeat business.

But this time it sort of backfired.  His daughter had asked an innocent question after hearing me say that I needed to work or something equally horrible.  She wanted to know what I did for a living. I was a bit naive myself, so I said, “Oh, I’m a writer.” No one knows what a copywriter is.  They usually assume you do something with copyrights.

She gasped and asked me one of the two questions I have grown to hate: “What kind of books do you write?”  (The other one is “Can you read my manuscript?” No. No, I can’t.)

“I write webpages and blogs and product descriptions — that kind of stuff,” I said as I watched the disappointment rush over her.  “I write the words that the whole world reads.”

She ran my debit card, and we awkwardly traded pleasantries while waiting for the slip to come out of the machine.

It’s Like Nobody Can Even See Us!

So, granted, Gurdev’s kid was a kid, but she’s not the only person who has reacted like that when I try to slip my profession past them.  People have funny ideas about the word “writer.”

But when you say “copywriter,” they look at you like you’ve committed a major Party Foul.  That’s not even a thing, they say.  I just excuse myself and run out the nearest door or jump out the closest window….

I’m not invisible, but my industry is. Like you, I struggle to get recognition, which, frankly, is kind of ironic considering what I do for a living.

Marketing for Invisible Industries Like Copywriting

It’s alarming how many vital industries could be considered “invisible.” You’d think anything as important as building materials or business services would be easy to find and highly visible, but that’s simply not the way it is.

Instead, businesses like yours and mine spend their days and nights standing in the shadows, helping our clients look like the hero of the story.  It’s fine — for us it’s a huge win to make that happen. But this also makes it really difficult to promote our work since it’s got someone else’s name on it.

Use Invisible Ink to Build Your Brand Image

It’s frustrating to not be able to show off your best work because of nondisclosure agreements or other types of contracts that name your company as a support member of the team, but not all potential clients will doubt your word about the kind of work you’ve done or are capable of doing.

Here are a few ways to use your invisible ink to get the word out:

  • Work on educating your customer base.  They might not be customers yet, but once they realize they actually do need what you offer, well, you’ve done the hard part. There are probably lots of people who want to take advantage of your products or services, but they have no idea how to get started with their search.
  • Offer a paid trial.  Finding the right invisible support company can he hard, but it is truly an investment in the business that’s seeking your help, too.  So when they balk because you’re under so many NDAs that it looks like you’re wet behind the ears, offer to do something small, for a fee.  We generally do one or two short articles or pages, if someone is torn between a couple of copywriting services.
  • Ask for reviews and recommendations.  Even if you have an NDA, you can ask your clients or customers for reviews on public sites like Google My Business or Yelp.  And it doesn’t hurt to get a little word of mouth going among their customers. Just remind them now and again that you’re looking for some new clients.

I know it’s hard to live in the land of the invisibles, but at least there’s something for you to talk about at parties, right?  There are always ways to increase your visibility, if you have the extra time and energy to invest in it.

And Now Your Very Visible CTA

Look, I know a lot of you are still wondering who the hell I think I am, and others are just waiting until they see the right special offer to jump on the new website copy train.  And you’re both right, you are.

This month’s specials include our secret special of five 500-word web pages or blogs for just $250 or a complete website package for $1,000.  $1,000 might sound like a lot, but you get a lot, including free hosting as long as you’re a customer of In The Cloud Copy. So that’s not too bad, is it?

Email me, connect with me on LinkedIn or check out our site, In The Cloud Copy today.  I’d love to discuss your needs and help you figure out a plan for getting back on track.  We’re here to help.


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