I Have a Standing Date on Thursday Afternoons

I Have a Standing Date on Thursday Afternoons

Before I start this blog, I want you to understand that my business is somehow succeeding despite my best efforts. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing, but I keep doing it and nothing’s on fire yet, so go fig. We just had our first birthday, so hooray!

It’s Thursday and I just wrapped up my Thursday follow-ups. Generally, it’s just me talking to a non-responsive person on LinkedIn or sending an email into the void, but I have this one standing date on Thursday afternoons.

Every Thursday, to the best of my ability, I message this person on LinkedIn. We chat for a bit and off I go. This is supposed to be lead gen, but it’s really not at all anymore with him. It’s just Thursday shenanigans. And I have to admit, I look forward to it.

What can I say?

It’s Thursday All Over

It is actually Thursday, and I’ve just finished my routine back-and-forth with my friend in Charlotte, North Carolina. I mean, it’s mainly an antagonistic relationship on my part, but internet friends are weird anyway.

It all started because he had posted a thing that went viral on LinkedIn, about prospecting for clients on the platform and how much he hated a certain methodology that I was actively employing. Instead of calling him a creatively colorful name and slamming the internet shut, I asked his advice.

So, what should I be doing?

And much to my surprise, he answered. And accepted my LI connect.

A few weeks later, he was looking for a copywriter local to him. Being who I am, I went ahead and reminded him that my company existed and that we’d be happy to help. Also that we didn’t follow rules very well, so there’s that.

We’re not in North Carolina. We’re in Texas and we’re in Kentucky and we’re in West Virginia and we’re in Ohio and we’re in California, but we’re not in the Carolinas.

He responded that he didn’t follow rules very well, either. And thus, a weird sort of professional relationship was formed.

At first, I had hoped we’d work together on content, but over time it became a lot less about selling something to him and more about this weird appointment I had with him on Thursdays. A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t get to my normal prospect poking until Friday, and I had to apologize to him profusely.

I mean, I didn’t have to. But I did.

You Never Know Who You’re Going to Meet Online

If nothing else continues to ring true in my life, it’s that you never, ever know who you’re going to meet online. Most of the writers I work with I met many years ago at Demand Media (producers of eHow). We went through a lot there, and over time, we just kind of hung together.

I think it’s ok. Except that online people will break your heart. They will.  Things happen and some of them drift away or they get real jobs. Any number of heartbreaks.

But it’s ok. When you get your heart broken by one of these internet people, it can serve as a reminder that you’re still sort of alive in there.

I mean, I’m not. I’ve got a lump of coal where my heart should be, but I understand this is how it works for others.

And you can forge great alliances (Hey, Doc!) with people you might not have expected. And you can meet incredible people who will absolutely do their best work for you (Hey, Team!).

The internet is pretty cool.

In 1994, I was told it was a fad and I’d get over it. I’m still waiting for that to kick in.

For all that Don Watson was right about, he was very wrong about that. He did teach me Algebra the proper way, though, and for that I am eternally thankful.

The point, I think, is that the world is full of wonderful people, even the ones who are your standing Thursday afternoon appointment. So don’t give up a chance to meet someone interesting when you can.

Want to Be on My Thursday List? Here’s a Call to Action!

Oh, I know you’re probably tired of these by now, but I figure that as much as some people do hate CTAs entirely, it’s worth setting them apart so you can use the part of this blog that you want. If you want to know about specials, freebies or even how to email or connect with me on LinkedIn, this is the section.

If you want to make it to my Thursday list, well, you’ve gotta want it. It’s only Tuesday, so there’s time left for me to make a Thursday appearance this week. If I don’t see my shadow, it’s going to be at least six more weeks of lead prospecting before spring comes.