Business Is Business

Business Is Business

There are some days that will remain forever burned into the soul, like a giant purple scar in the shape of a calendar.  For Team In The Cloud Copy, that day was April 30, 2019.

It was the day we learned that one of our own, Victoria Bailey, passed on.  She had a stroke in early April, but everyone was talking rehab and recovery and we were hopeful.  She was responding to her family, she was having conversations with them, she was more or less herself.  

That’s what they reported, anyway.

We were hopeful.  We dared to believe.  

When her daughter told me that Victoria had left us, I was in shock.  To be totally honest, I’m still in shock. There’s no business book that tells you how to handle a death in the office.  Or, at least, not one I’m aware of.

I was flying blind.  I *AM* flying blind.

Moving Forward Without Leaving Her Behind

There will never be a day that Victoria won’t haunt the halls of In The Cloud Copy.  She was here with the dirt. She was here before the dirt.  And she spent months and months telling me that “business is business.”  I will never forget those words.

She would want us to move forward.  But as we do — which we have to do — we won’t be leaving her behind.  I’m having posters made that say “business is business,” because that’s all I can do right now.  That’s all there is. Forward momentum.

It’s almost funny — almost — that today we’ve had the most inquiries about the services ITC provides than any single other day ever, ever.  One was perfect for Vic. And I immediately went “wait, I can’t assign that to her…” and broke down in tears.

Business is business.  

That mantra is throbbing in my ears.  It follows my steps.

Business is business.

Like a pounding on the wall.  

There is nothing else right now.  I have to take care of my team. They’re hurting, and they need to be gently refocused.

Business is business.

What to Do with a Silent Keyboard

I don’t… I don’t know what to do with that keyboard that will never again be touched.  I don’t know what to do next. I am in a state of perplexity. There’s no right answer and a whole lot of very wrong ones.  

As I said above, I know I have to keep going forward, but it’s tough.  Every step feels like I’m pulling the entire weight of the world behind me.  I need the team to help me fight the stillness of that keyboard by pounding their own hard enough that they fill that silence.  

We all have to type for all we’re worth.

This is the worst part of having a virtual office.  If something bad happens, all we can really do is pass the hat around and hope.  It’s endlessly frustrating and in times like these can feel like a kick to the chest… by a great big cow.

Business Is Business, So Here’s a Call to Action…

In honor of Victoria, I’m serving up a fresh CTA so you can see I still understand that “business is business.”  Deep down, at least. Deep down, I understand.

Even so, this CTA won’t be a monster.  It’s simply an invite to visit me at In The Cloud Copy, email me here or look me up on LinkedIn.  We mourn our fallen, but we also live to fight again.  At In The Cloud Copy, we get knocked down, but we get back up.  No one’s ever going to keep us down.