Not All Heroes Wear Spandex Underpants

Not All Heroes Wear Spandex Underpants

This weekend, I spent some time doing something I very rarely do: I sat at my sewing machine and I made a thing. It’s a very stupid thing, but I saw the fabric on Amazon and it struck me funny. Not funny “ha ha,” more like “I really don’t need that, so why is my finger moving toward the ‘Add to Cart’ button?”

… I … I… made a cape.

I mean this is the womenswear type of layering piece, not the superhero kind, though it does make me feel a bit like a superhero sans all that spandex. In case you’re wondering: yes, I’m sitting here typing this blog about making a cape in said cape. Say hello to your awkward Inception moment.

Welcome to Your Normal Generic Human Weekend

As In The Cloud Copy approaches its first official birthday as a Thing That Is, everything is getting easier. My cheeks are unclenching, and I’m starting to get back into the groove that made me so successful as Waterworth Writes.

That is to say that I’m pretty full of myself. I don’t need you to be for my ego to inflate like the Goodyear Blimp.

But, I dunno if you’ve met this editor of mine, Ole Eagle Eye. She’s something else. Rains on all the parades, deflates every ego, generally makes me wonder why I hired her and what it is about her that makes her indispensable.

If I had to guess, I’d say her finest qualities include:

  • An agnostic attitude toward style guide application
  • Her 24/7 “stuck in editorial mode” approach to life
  • The way she giggles when she tosses huge chunks of my blogs in the bin
  • A magnetic draw to collaboration opportunities to create some amazing things

On that last point, one of our writers at In The Cloud Copy will sometimes pop into her own pieces while we’re hammering out the little dents. She gave Eagle Eye the best review I think you could ask for in a position like mine: “Watching the two of you collaborate is a thing of beauty.”

It’s too bad Eagle Eye won’t be reading this ahead of publication or anything since she’s my editor. I mean, if she would be, I’d have to thank her for a lot of stuff.

Editing Isn’t Easy, But It’s Necessary

I’m not sure how many of you work with an editor day in and day out. I was trained as a journalist, so being hip-to-hip with some form of editorial has kind of always been part of my professional life. It’s nice to have a dedicated person to second-guess everything you do. Really. Almost like having a super bitey hamster (I kid!).

The truth is that having an editor you can work with, and work with well, is about the most rewarding learning experience you’ll ever have as a writer of copy or otherwise. And as more people reject the idea of editorial in favor of some kind of AI shenanigans or simply not editing, I appreciate my editor more and more.

She catches my dumb mistakes. She keeps my tone in check. She even filters out the swear words that she says are less than appropriate for a platform like LinkedIn, where we now do most of our prospecting and social networking.

I’m telling you, it’s great.

And even though she wasn’t really on the radar when I opened this company (someone else had been on the ground floor of the concept, but her health finally got in the way), Eagle Eye is absolutely the woman for the job.

Here’s to You, Eagle Eye, from All of Us at In The Cloud Copy

Not all heroes wear spandex underpants. Not all heroes wear fancy-schmancy capes, either. But heroes like you make it possible for people like me to sit down for a few quiet, blessed hours to do anything but obsess over my email and worry that no one will be there to answer THAT ONE EMAIL THAT WILL MEAN OUR FUTURE IS SECURED FOREVER (this is not a real thing, I just like to torture myself with thinking it is).

We are so different on so many levels, but that’s what makes this work, lady. I don’t know what it was that made you ask me about work that day, but it doesn’t matter. You’re the reason we’re gonna make it. You make us all look amazing, and that’s no little thing.

Eagle Eye, Wanna Give the Call to Action a Go?

She’s shy…

But I’m not. Not when I’m surrounded with fantastic, indispensable, irreplaceable people like the team at In The Cloud Copy. Not only have they come together to help bring a dream alive, they keep the creative juices flowing (man, I hate that expression).

So why don’t you email me here or send me an InMail on LinkedIn so we can find a solution to your digital marketing woes? Eagle Eye will be there watching our every move, so you know we’ll do it right.

While we’re on the subject of doing it right, those of you who are looking to wade into the digital waters for the first time or need a do-over because your last attempt was less than ideal should check out our Full Website Build Special.

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