We Read Everything YOU Send Us

We Read Everything YOU Send Us

It’s funny, I wrote a blog last week for Tuesday publication that was about how one of my very favorite people told me she read everything I sent her, and it started a discussion here at the office. See, we also read everything you send us.

Especially if you’re a coaching client.

Yes, we do writing coaching on a very limited basis. While it can be hugely rewarding, it’s also very involved. Too many students just make it impossible to give one-on-one advice and help. I realize there are copywriters who make a living off of this kind of practice, but we do not fall into that Taco Bell category of writing trainers.

First, a Not-So-Humblebrag on One of Our Students

We’ve had students whose names still occasionally come up in conversation. Some because they were sweet and darling people we adored and miss (hey, Bri, are you reading this?), others because they were cocky, overprivileged assholes that snuck up on us. I’m not naming names on that one, but the team will know who I mean. Kids these days.

Anyway, the kid I’m bragging on today is a sales professional who wanted to start a blog to tell stories about his adventures in sales. Having had a long career, he’s got a lot of stories. We weren’t sure about taking on a student amidst all the chaos that has been this year, but when he told me what he was doing with this education, I couldn’t hardly say no.

And it has been inspiring. It seems like he improves by leaps and bounds every time he sends us a new batch of stories to review. I can honestly say that I truly delight in reading them. And I read everything HE sends ME.

Every lovely word.

He’s one of our success stories, but that’s not the only reason I’m telling you about this. I mean, the man deserves some kind of achievement award, but that’s beside the point. Communication is a funny thing, you know?

It’s vital for life, but so many people need help making it work for them because somewhere along the line, someone told us writing was dumb and we didn’t need none of them thar letters. (I’m from the Missouri Ozarks, so maybe that was just my experience).

Active Listening (and Reading) Is Just One of Our Skills

Somewhere out there is a sad little case study I drew up to highlight the team’s experience and skills. I really didn’t know what people would want to know, so it was kind of an ugly first attempt. But inside those pages, I do my best to sum up what it is that we’re really, really good at. And although we had a little communication hiccup with one of our favorite clients recently, we got it sorted.

Because we may be awkward, but we’re not malicious.

We’re actually really good at listening and reading everything that you send to us. That means if you email me and it says, “So, I have this idea. Please don’t stop reading…” you can rest assured that whatever you have to tell me is going to be mentally ingested.

See, my brother is an idea guy. Or is that Idea Guy (™)? Anyway, when we were growing up, he always had some kind of crazy idea for fun or for profit. In college, that whole impulse just got stronger and stronger… and now he’s an IT Idea Guy (™) who does something I don’t really even understand.

If I had a point, it would be that your “crazy” ideas aren’t so crazy. There’s always a place for them, so heck yeah, shoot ’em over. We read everything you send us. And we can help you reach your goals with those ideas, whether they’re personal or professional. And that wasn’t even a CTA….

Because we like you. 😀 All of you.

I assume you’re our kind of people based on the fact that you’re continuing to read this blog despite the shenaniganry and reckless use of the English language we’re engaging in here. Thank you for reading everything we write.

And thank you to the coaching client who trusted us enough with his personal project. Ol’ Eagle Eye and I are cheering for you!

Oh, Here’s That CTA Now!

Since we’re talking about coaching, I guess I’ll make that the call to action today. If you really want to do more or better writing, your very best bet (short of studying this stuff for most of your life) is to shortcut it and have a writer help you by dumping all their informational sprinkles on your growing garden of ideas. You’re gonna need some good writers, though, so you might as well come to In The Cloud Copy and ask about our coaching and copyediting services.

We’ll make you look like a million bucks, and all it’ll take is a lot of hard work and dedication and effort on your part. Message me on LinkedIn or click here to send me an email about your writing dreams. I promise I’ll read every word.