Best Client Feedback Ever: “I Read Everything You Send Me”

Best Client Feedback Ever: “I Read Everything You Send Me”

This is kind of personal and might even fall over the edge into being a bit sappy, so you’ve been warned.  No complainers.

A longtime client who’s really just a friend who pays me now said something to me a couple of months ago that I can’t shake.  And, I mean, it’s a positive, so maybe that’s a good thing. After all, the positive things are important to keep at eye level, else we fall prey to Imposter Syndrome and the whole thing goes off the rails.

Anyway, she said, “I read everything you send me.”  

I almost cried.

The Ever-Decreasing Email Attention Span and Me

This was a particularly touching comment for a couple of reasons. First, I often feel guilty when I have to write excruciatingly long emails. I do this because I want to be sure we’re all on the same page, that no one has forgotten to mention their peanut allergy or whatever.  It’s about the details, and sometimes I have to really dig deep.

That’s how this job goes.

The second reason this touched me so deeply was because I never imagined anyone actually reading my emails to the end.  Skimming? Sure. But reading? Really putting the effort into looking at each word and digesting it so as to have an understanding of it?  That’s a big deal in this age of decreasing attention spans.

I have a similar reaction when someone tells me that they read my blog and asks why I haven’t updated in a while.  The answer to that question is that I can barely keep up with THIS blog and it’s the one that is going to help me make a living.  Haha. I wish I were kidding.

Post-Revelation Behavior

Since I was told that someone reads my emails, all of them, all the way to the end, I feel less guilt when I have to write a longer one.  I just think of that comment and feel a whole lot better about it. I wonder if I should add some jokes or possibly a riddle to be solved after a series of emails (I’m only mostly kidding).  

Something about that comment has made me ballsier than usual.  That’s like two skoshes up from bold, for reference.

All it took was a little comment to change everything.

What?  No CTA?

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