What Is Custom Content and What Does It Cost?

What Is Custom Content and What Does It Cost?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about pricing sheets since I’ve been on LinkedIn.  When I try to explain that In The Cloud Copy produces custom content, the silence from the other end is deafening.  I think maybe this is because people are so used to dealing with content mills that they don’t really understand that there are options.

The bottom line?  Custom content isn’t expensive and you get exactly what you want.

I Am a Content Mill Survivor

I met the bulk of my team when I first moved into the digital writing world.  We all worked for Demand Studios, the company that used to produce eHow. You remember eHow, don’t you?  We do.

We also worked for content mills like Textbroker and Writer Access, some people I know worked writing term papers for college kids with no sense.  These are not good places to work. Not only do they demand ridiculous amounts of content research and production for pennies on the dollar, they have a long list of rules that writers must follow before they will pay out.

Content mills are not great for writers.  They’re also not great for your content.

Why I Focus on Custom Content

Unlike content mills, where cranking out a huge amount of copy in a short amount of time is the one and only way to make a living wage (yeah, they keep most of the revenue rather than passing it to the writers who create your websites and whatnot), custom content is all about understanding what it is that your readers need and presenting it in the format that is best for them.

If you think you need a case study of one of your clients to show new leads how you can help, we’re happy to write that.  But if it might make more sense as a blog series featuring several different clients, we’ll make sure to tell you this. Obviously, you’ll decide how you want to proceed, but we will make sure you know what your options are and how they’ll play out in real life.

Content mills don’t do this.  They may ask you what you want, but largely, the way they handle it on the back end is to give a writer a title (literally the title of the piece) and total word count, then send them off to do the work.  You don’t get to say what that content is. You get what you get and it’s typically pretty formulaic (remember, I’ve done this work). It’s the best way to reduce the time spent on content creation.

You’re Not a Boilerplate

As it turns out, you’re not a boilerplate.  You’re kind of unique and special. This is what you’ve got to get across in your digital marketing.  Otherwise, you just sort of melt into the gray of the vast digital ocean. Whether you do your own writing or you use a copywriter (please, I beg of you, avoid the mills), the most vital part is capturing what it is that makes you different and passing that on to the audience you most want to reach.

That’s our goal with custom content.  It’s all about giving your potential leads meaty materials to engage with.  It’s not about just throwing random content out and hoping it sticks. We plan this stuff carefully, even if it looks like chaos from the outside.

This Is a Custom Call to Action

Hey, this is the actual call to action for this blog.  I’m all about full disclosure.

This is where I ask you to contact me for pricing for your custom content.  I might mention that we offer three levels of content: enterprise, small business and bulk orders.  Bulk orders will be coming from someone like an SEO that has a bunch of different brands (even if they’re small) and need coverage they can rely on.  The other two are probably self-explanatory.
Click here and I’ll send you a custom price quote, no strings attached.  I’m also offering a free site content audit right now. What that means is that I’ll look through your website or blog, catalog your material and show you what content is working, what isn’t working and how you can fix it.  Did I mention that there are no strings attached?