Your Audience Is Out There: Be Bold

Your Audience Is Out There: Be Bold

I’ve noticed there are a whole bunch of unsolicited opinions in the world, especially when it comes to marketing. The people you’re marketing to will let you know what they think, other business owners will chime in, even your neighbor’s babysitter has something to say.

And you know, at first it’s kind of intimidating to have all these voices screaming how wrong you are into your face. Despite being “the social network for business,” LinkedIn can be downright unprofessional at times.

Even so, it appears that it remains the best way to connect to good human leads online. What can you do?

My company has been testing messages and formats in the hopes of optimizing lead generation here. Although we’ve sent out a dog or two, the majority ran the gamut from “meh” to essentially productive. The productive ones are why a lot of you are here.

Like with anything, we had to put on our training wheels and figure out how to ride the LinkedIn bicycle the hard way. I’ve spent so much time asking others how to go about marketing here that I almost feel like I have a handle on it.

Your Audience and You

No matter where or how you’re hunting for leads, you are looking for a certain kind of client or customer. This customer has a unique set of characteristics that belong to them and them alone. Do they laugh at dumb jokes? Do they firmly believe in the power of breakfast? Do they hate it when they get cold prospecting messages?

They’re someone, and they’re waiting to hear from you.

Will you show that customer why you’re the obvious choice, or will you remain yet another faceless marketer in a sea of faceless marketers?  This is the call we all have to make every single time we approach a potential lead.

Today I was discussing an ad with a friend who told me that “some people are going to hate it, but these people aren’t your audience.” The truth is, I needed that. I needed permission to be myself, not some stuck-up-my-own-ass, pretentious stuffed suit.

I am what I am, and my clients are who they are. Maybe they manufacture toilets for RVs or want to sell their educational software with the same intensity as you’d sell the latest sporty sneaker. There’s a customer for every pitch; don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Marketers: Be Bold!

Whether you’re marketing your own company or you have clients with unusual needs, the audience — your perfect audience — is out there. Your job isn’t to create mass appeal for a specialty product or service. Your job is to find the audience that’s been waiting for it all this time.

Be bold. Be who you are. Sell what you sell.

No one believed there was a market for wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men. Yet, an army of these things are out there, every day, flailing their tubes off in front of apartment complexes, car dealerships, and other walk-in businesses that need a bit more visibility at times.  

Someone invented and SOLD the idea of the pool noodle.

Silly String is a thing.

I could do this all day. I won’t, but I could.

My point is that for every stiff and formulaic marketing suggestion you’re given, there’s an equally unusual, personal and memorable way to promote your brand.

Wave that marketing freak flag! Your audience will see you above the generic and anonymous throngs.  The ones who are truly your people, the ones you will really sync with, are the only ones who should matter.

Hey, Another Call to Action!

If you’re running into a wall with your advertising efforts or you just don’t have the words to draw in the people who would most benefit from your products or services, a copywriting firm can help you reach further.  

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