How Do You Know It’s Time for Business Services Help?

How Do You Know It’s Time for Business Services Help?

This was originally titled “Eventually, You Knew I Was Going to Get to the Sales Pitch.”  I didn’t figure that would make as much sense to people cruising their feeds, but now that I think about it, maybe I should have stuck with my gut.


We moved to Fort Worth, Texas, in 2017 chasing a job offer for my husband that was 500 miles away from home.  I cut back my client work at that point to get things done at the old house, but as much as I cut, there was still just… no room for anything else.  When we did get here and settled in, the problem only got worse. It’s a good problem to have in some ways, but being constantly at work and not having space to breathe certainly can be hard on everything in your life.

I knew I needed help, but I should have gone looking for it much earlier.  It just happened that I was already working with a team on specific projects, so for me, outsourcing some of my writing work (with my clients’ full knowledge) was an easy decision.  After all, I was still the gatekeeper; nothing got to the client except through me.

But How Does This Help You?

Everyone has their breaking point.  You have one, your business idol has one, the dog has one.  Too many people who have the kinds of jobs we have in management or as solopreneurs are really good at ignoring that breaking point, instead plunging headlong into the unknown and unknowable.  But, if we were to slow down a bit, maybe look at the scenery, we’d notice lots of signposts warning us about the ravine ahead.

We’re essentially doing the business equivalent of Wile E. Coyote running in midair over an abyss.

But we don’t have to, not really.  Don’t listen to your inner boss man.  That fellow is a brutal taskmaster. Instead, when you notice red flags like these, look out for danger:

  • You can’t sleep (and when you do, you dream about work).
  • You just realized that you’ve not had a real meal in months.
  • You’re getting slower and slower at your work.
  • You’ve developed an eye or muscle twitch that is a regular visitor.
  • You sometimes sleep in your office.
  • Your friends are checking in on you more frequently than usual.
  • There’s no room for anything else but work in your life.

Believe me, I know how it is because I’m just like you.  I have an idea to farm out some of my overflow work to some friends, but then they give me an idea to open an agency.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out that the cycle starts over when you scale upward. #ThingsIWishIHadKnown

Your Health = Your Business’ Health

Those of us already prone to the intensity of a Type-A personality are at high risk of burning ourselves out (at minimum) because we just keep pushing forward and miss those red flags.  But, for optimal mental health, and frankly, the health of your business, you should be considering outsourcing as soon as you can afford to do it.

I don’t mean outsourcing to some third-rate international customer service team that barely understands what it is that you even do; I mean outsourcing to your office park neighbor who happens to have an answering service or to that warehouse down the street that handles supply chain processes for eCommerce companies.  These guys are already in your time zone, and they understand the complexities of your business because they support companies like yours all the time.

Ok, Now the Sales Pitch

Along with hiring a bookkeeper, putting your products into scalable storage and getting the neighbor kid to mow the lawn, you can also hire people who do nothing but write all day.  Or at least that’s what they’d have you believe. Sometimes we have snacks and often we stare at the office television while Bob Ross cleans his brush and “just beats the Devil outta it.”  The man’s a maniac, what can I say?

Whether you’re running a company that is part of the digital marketing world, like a search engine optimization outfit, you’re in the marketing department of a business that lays a little bit too much in your lap or you’re a small-business owner trying to get more digital traction, a copywriting firm can help.

A company like mine can take the work that you know you’re never going to get to and finish it up for you in a snap.  We can help you find a direction and a digital marketing strategy. We can act as your virtual writing staff, setting your marketing dreams in motion.  Our 143 combined years of experience mean that there’s not much we can’t do to help you with whatever materials you need, from the delicate and precise to the broader and bulky (like all those hotel descriptions you need for your catalog).

This Is a Call to Action

You want free time?  How about sleep? They’re both pretty awesome. That’s what we can do for you.  We can help you build your business (or at least clean up your backlog of work) while you’re at home in bed catching up on “This Is Us” or rewatching old episodes of “The Red Green Show.”

Click here to get started with your FREE site content audit.  We’ll go over what’s working, what isn’t and what could be shifted around a bit to be more effective.  

Even if you don’t want to use my company for your content needs, you’ll have had a chance to get a second opinion plus some help planning a strategy that will equip you to do more with your digital presence.  I mean, it’s a win-win, isn’t it?

And remember, in the immortal words of Red Green, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”