How to Work With a Copywriter

How to Work With a Copywriter

When people think about professional writing, they almost always go straight to novels.  After all, writers write books, right?

Some do, but by and large, writers make a living with words that power advertising, web sites, magazine articles and other innocuous items that no one really notices.  Since most writers prefer the privacy of their dark, cave-like dens when they create the copy that powers the world, it’s just fine with them that no one knows their names.

Copywriting isn’t glamorous, but it is incredibly challenging and that’s an invitation the team at In The Cloud has a hard time passing up.  That’s why we’re out in the public, talking to business owners about improving their websites, blogs and advertisements every day.

Even so, people still have lots of questions about how it all comes together.  Today’s blog is meant to address some of them.

Copywriting 101: What Is It?

Beginning at the beginning, let’s figure out what copywriting is and what it’s not.

Copywriting is a term that’s fairly loosely used among digital entities.  For some, it means traditional sales writing; for others, it means any commercial writing.  In this digital age, most copywriters are flexible commercial writers that can handle anything from web page copy to blogs, whitepapers, product descriptions and email newsletters.  You learn to do it all because, frankly, doing just one thing for ten years can get pretty boring.

That being said, every copywriter has areas that they’re stronger in than others.

One of our writers, for example, was first a journalist, then worked in real estate as a salesperson before eventually wandering into the digital world.  Her strengths include news-style stories, magazine copy and press releases, as well as content crafted specifically for the real estate, finance, insurance and construction verticals.

Another staff writer worked as a legal secretary.  Now she helps our lawyers better connect to their readers by bridging her experience in both the writing world and the legal one.

The real life experiences we’ve had give us insight and experiences that research rarely turns up.  In the end, our primary goal is adding extra value to your content, no matter what form it happens to take.

The Copywriting Two-Step

Ok, that’s a ridiculously misleading header because there are really more than two steps.  Anyway..

Let’s say you’ve decided to hire In The Cloud to make some beautiful words for you.  This is how the process works:

The Setup:

  1. First, meet with Kristi, the owner of In The Cloud, or an account manager to discuss your specific needs.  We’re available via Skype, Google Hangouts and Messenger or can meet you at your office within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  This first-touch person will be your contact point for everything while working with In The Cloud.
  2. You’ll get a project price based on its size and scope. We find that providing a detailed breakdown helps businesses keep their costs under control.  You can elect to delete items that you may not really need right away if your budget is limited
  3. Once we’ve agreed on the project scope and delivery dates, you’ll be invoiced for your first month (or sample, if you just want to give it a try).  There are no other fees required.

Content Generation:

  1. If you’re looking for blogs or other traffic generating content, we’ll take a peek at what the world is searching for in your industry and choose appropriate key phrases to help your site get more attention.  (We do not believe in keyword stuffing, but you have to start somewhere.)
    1. If your site has content and you simply want to build on that, we’ll generate a list of topics and angles that seem the most productive, based on our traffic research.
    2. Sites with very little content may instead want material that builds on itself.  So, for example, the first week it might be a 101 about the industry, then the next week a couple of pieces that can be linked back to that 101 article, but also continue to build on the information therein.
  2. The work will be assigned to specific staff members who have a demonstrated competency in your field.  They will then generate a first draft on the schedule we’ve set and submit it for review.

Review Process:

  1. You have the option to review what we’ve produced to ensure the voice and content align with your goals.  Usually, clients get a Google Drive folder to hold all of these materials, but we’re flexible on delivery methods.
  2. You can add any comments you feel will improve the copy.  It can be helpful to highlight areas where we hit the mark right out of the gate, that way we get to know what you really need, want and love faster.
  3. Your comments will be resubmitted to the writer and any requested changes are made before submitting the asset to one of our professional editors.  We have three on staff with wildly different backgrounds to ensure that we’re able to edit your material accurately.

The Big Reveal:

  1. Once edited, we’ll send the materials back to you to use as you will.  If you’d prefer, we can post on your behalf.
  2. We all go back to #3 and start again!

Remember, It’s a Collaboration!

We’re happy to take the reigns and help you develop a content plan, editorial calendars and any other tools that may make turning your dreams into reality a snap, but we’re also fine if you want to take the lead.  As far as we’re concerned, our relationship should be a collaboration, not a power struggle.  We won’t cry if you don’t love our content, instead, we’ll ask for feedback so we can make it right.  If you want to bring things into the picture that we hadn’t considered, please do.

Ultimately, your project is your project — not ours.  We can suggest things we think will work, but really, the end goal is a client like you who is absolutely delighted with the end result.

No matter what kind of writing you need, we’re ready to blow you away with passionate content that informs, engages and converts.  To get started, click here and fill out the form.