9 Things You Could be Doing Instead of Your Own Marketing

9 Things You Could be Doing Instead of Your Own Marketing

Your days are packed full, from the moment you get out of bed until you finally get to go back to that same chamber of slumber.  You’re returning phone calls, ordering supplies, performing work for customers, not to mention handling your own bookkeeping and marketing.  It’s stressful and it’s just getting worse.  Last night you dreamed about working in the office all night.

Something has to give!  You’re on the road to massive burnout and that’s really the very worst thing for business.

Focus Your Efforts, Win Big Cash Prizes

So many small business owners try to be all things in their company, but the fact of the matter is that the most successful ones get by with a little help from their friends.  Or, you know, a paid consultant.  Whatever you happen to have handy.  There are so many things you can be doing to increase your value to your customer base, increasing the income your efforts bring in and ultimately, allowing your business to expand.  We made a list of nine, got anything we can add to this list?

  1. Take a breather.  That’s right.  You should do nothing and let your marketing team handle the constant stream of creative content that needs to be developed for your company’s advertising campaigns.  You’ve not had a good break in a long time.  That sort of passion is noteworthy, but it can also lead to exhaustion and difficulty with abstract thinking.  Schedule yourself a break every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes.  Get away from work and do anything else.  You’ll come back refreshed and with a huge pile of new ideas.
  2. Have a check-up.  Business owners aren’t the healthiest people out there.  You (and I) often neglect your diet, eating whatever’s handy. You (and I) wallow in stress all day and all night long and, frankly, if you (and I) are feeling bad, you just rub a little dirt in it and walk that ish off.  You do, don’t you?  This is why you absolutely need to have a yearly physical.  It’s important to look after your health, having someone keep an eye on you can prevent unwanted and unforeseen trips to the hospital for more serious things that may put you out of commission for weeks.
  3. Finally organize your workspace.  The pile of files, scattered ink pens and non-existant sorting system you have on your desk is making it hard for you to work efficiently.  Even if you just pop into your office from time to time to make a phone call and spend the rest of your time in the field, you need to be able to get whatever you need right in the moment you need it.  File with this year’s prices on products?  BAM!  You know where that is.  A pen and a sticky note?  BOOM!  There it is.  A tidy office is one where you both look and feel more competent, and it’ll show to every new client you come across.
  4. Explore new revenue streams.  Sure, you can fight with trying to design a new flyer in Word for the next two days, or you can let your marketing person do that in an hour with their more advanced tools.  Those two days are a great time to look into related industries and work that could actually turn into additional revenue streams.  You may be surprised how universal your skill set is and how many ways there are to apply it to jobs that could potentially pay a lot more.
  5. Go to a trade show.  Everyone at a trade show is trying to sell you something, there’s no doubt about it, but they’re also giving you a great opportunity to learn about the newest technology and equipment in your industry.  You’ll get a chance to try out tools in person and before committing to them, as well as brainstorming new uses for old toys with other people at the trade show, many of which you probably already know.
  6. Network with other professionals.  Along with going to trade shows, you can attend networking events for related fields.  For example, a remodeling contractor might levy their experience and reputation for solid work to get an invite to a networking event for real estate agents.  They’re always looking for reliable contractors — a good man is hard to find these days, you know — you can shake hands with each and every agent you meet, look them in the eye and make a connection that’ll lead to a lot more opportunities over the long term.
  7. Take a class to learn a new skill.  The tools we all have to work with on a day to day basis are changing constantly.  When was the last time you updated your skill set?  If it’s been a while, it might not hurt to take a class or two in something related to your job.  Not only will you meet people who could be potential lead generators, you’ll appear significantly more knowledgeable to new leads, which is hugely appealing to new customers who are often nervous.
  8. Get a certification.  Hang out in that class long enough and you’re bound to get certified in something, right?  A new certification not only gives you something fancy to hang in your office, your marketing team can take that and turn it into a press release, especially if that certification is in something really cutting edge.  Learning more about your industry is never a bad thing and it can only improve your credibility.
  9. Charity work.  Donating your time can actually lead to long term gains and new connections within the community.  Why not turn an afternoon to helping build homes or distribute toys for needy kids around the holidays?  You’ll do something good for the world, increase the visibility of your company, get to know a whole new group of people and build a reputation as a go-to kind of person.

Find a Marketing Company That Understands You

It’s not always easy to find a marketing company that really understands you and your company, or one that is brave enough to steer your efforts back into the right direction.  By checking company reviews, interviewing multiple potential partners and looking over their portfolios can give you an idea as to how you’ll work together.  Always look for a company that will, at minimum, give you a trial period before asking you for a longer-term contract.  That way if it doesn’t work out, you’re not stuck for a year or more with a marketer that is not able to do the job you want.

At In The Cloud, we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, from the financial sector to the residential construction industry.  Our teams are grouped by expertise, giving you industry insiders that truly get what it is that you’re going for and who your audience is.  Drop us an email here or call us at (817) 796-9393 for a free consultation.  Our packages start at just $750 a month, with no minimum commitment necessary.