5 Reasons It Pays to Choose Marketers That Know Your Industry

5 Reasons It Pays to Choose Marketers That Know Your Industry

Many of the tips and tricks that come up in this blog are for you, should you choose to do your own marketing.  There’s no hidden agenda here, it’s all about making you the best marketer you can be until you no longer have the time or energy to keep on going.  There are plenty of small to medium sized business owners that do their own blogs or other types of online advertising and get a good enough return with that effort.  But at some point, you may seriously start to consider hiring a marketing team (or at very least a freelance writer), to handle most of the heavy lifting.

It’s really ok.

Regardless of your reasoning, however, you absolutely must choose high performing marketing experts who know something about your industry segment.  Sure, you can pick up a freelance writer who claims to be a “Jack of all trades,” but are they really?  What about their degree in fashion design and work at the local Humane Society shelter makes them uniquely qualified to write about your industry?  These are the kinds of questions that keep us up at night.

What Content Experts Bring to the Table

For the last five or six years, writers who claim to be able to write about anything with the depth of a true expert have been losing out to writers who have actual industry experience.  Whether they’re former nurses, pilots or contractors, they know enough about the industry to be able to speak with a great deal of authority.  Instead of churning out generic content stuffed with keywords, they’re making things that actually have some depth and hit home with readers.  This is huge when it comes to encouraging other blogs and sites to link to yours, as well as signaling Google that you are, in fact, pretty much a super smart cookie.

But there are many other things that content area experts can bring to the table, including, but not limited to:

Advanced industry knowledge.  Content area experts already know all the basics, and more likely than not, much of the advanced nuance of your particular industry.  You don’t have to waste a lot of time explaining how certain concepts work so they can create a blog that sounds both authentic and intelligent.  In addition, you save yourself costly errors that they may make when ghostwriting as you.  A content expert can plan your content strategy, handle your social media and other accounts and monitor for any breaking stories that you should be addressing with great accuracy.

Establishing you as an industry expert.  You’re going to look pretty ridiculous if the assets your writers or marketers produce are filled with procedural or technical errors.  Sure, it’s easy enough for a writer to Google up what other writers are producing, but that doesn’t mean they truly understand what they’re reading.  Anyway, as an industry expert, you shouldn’t be echoing other industry experts — you should be creating something wholly new that adds something different to the conversation.  If your marketing team lacks industry expertise, you’ll also come off as lacking industry expertise.

Knowing how to reach your audience (and who they are).  One of the most important jobs of any marketing team is finding your best audience and showing them how awesome you are.  When you choose someone who isn’t familiar with your specialty, you may also be inadvertently choosing someone who doesn’t know enough about your audience.  Sure, anyone can get you to the right people eventually and with plenty of wasted ad spend using social media or paid search, but the marketers that know what you’re going for will be able to choose the best outlets and narrow your audience appropriately far more efficiently, resulting in a better ROI.

Spending your ad dollars more efficiently.  Do you need a website, a blog and 14 different social media accounts?  Probably not.  But choosing a marketer who isn’t familiar with your industry means that this is a likely suggestion that may turn into a demand.  After all, they’re just spitballing and hoping something sticks — on your dollar.  This is one of the biggest reasons companies are turning to content area specialists.  Money doesn’t grow on trees after all.  True experts will suggest the tools that you really need, both paid and free, and work to establish your brand among the most likely to buy audience segments.

Freeing you up to do what you do.  Monitoring your marketing constantly for errors and wasteful spending is pretty wasteful on its own.  Instead of allowing you to work more, you’re spending valuable time staring at the work of someone else, just to make sure they’re doing their job properly.  That wasn’t why you hired a marketing firm, was it?  Absolutely not!  This is the most important reason to choose someone with an industry expertise.  After the first couple of marketing pieces, you’ll feel confident that you can trust their work and go about with your own.

Content Area Experts Are Where It’s At

The initial investment in content area experts may sting a little more than hiring a beginning freelancer off of Fiverr, but the long term results will be worth it.  After all, your marketing team is essentially an extension of you, and the last thing you need is for people to think you’re not really all that good at what you do.  If your team can’t tell a level from a square or a stock index from a commodity future, it’s going to look like you don’t either.

The great news is that In The Cloud has teams of experts, sorted into a wide range of content areas, from real estate, mortgages and construction to automotive and landscaping.  We make our clients look great, whether they want to be local specialists or industry thought leaders.  Give us a call today at (817) 796-9393 or drop an email here for a free marketing consultation.  There’s never any obligation and we’ll be the first to tell you if your project is too far outside our knowledge base.