Passionate copy is a force of nature

Charge your words.  Charge your world.

Start With A Solid Foundation

Effective marketing demands planning for the long term.  A solid foundation is the first step in creating hurricane force.

Add A Dependable Framework

Success is all about putting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time.  It’s easier than ever with digital insights.

Include Memorable Details

Anyone can write lukewarm content that’s forgotten immediately.  Details that help your company stand out make the difference.

Better Content is in the Forecast

One of Google’s most vital ranking factors is the quality of the content on your website.  Sure, you can get a bargain on those content sites, but is it really that great of a value when Google forgets you, or worse, blacklists your site?  High quality, original writing by professionals is an investment in your business, but it’s still less of an expense than you might imagine.  Your marketing says a lot about you.  What kind of message are you sending?


What is Hurricane Force Marketing?

When your content sends jolts of electricity down potential customers’ spines and leaves them flushed and winded before they’ve even called, you’ve all but won them over already.  The hardest part of selling a lead is convincing them to call.  Your company’s style can be best expressed through marketing assets like:

Local Digital

All kinds of businesses have much to gain from local digital marketing.  After all, why would people want to hire your services if they don’t think you’re nearby?


There’s a reason blogs are the go-to marketing asset for digital marketing: they work.  Not only can they establish your identity as an expert, they can help increase your search rank.

Social Media

It’s the last frontier, but it’s also an important one for your business.  Not only will your customers leave reviews, new customers will be checking you out on social before calling.

Email Campaigns

Building an email list is a great way to stay top of mind with your former and on-going clients.  Custom assets like newsletters give them a regular reminder of your service level.


Even a basic website can do the job if you have all the right assets in place.  In other situations,  you need a little bit more.  Simple or complex, the right website helps build credibility.


Whitepapers and other long form marketing pieces can show your visitors how much you really care about your industry and the place you hold in it.  Look smarter without working harder.


How are you staying in touch with your favorite customers?  Newsletters are a great way to say “Hello!” without being too in-your-face.  Stay top of mind, even with your occassional visitors.


You’re a total expert in your industry, but until you published your first eBook, no one knew!  We can help you find the words to show the world what your company can do for it.

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Client Testimonials

It’s always nice to be appreciated.  A big thank you to past clients for sharing their thoughts and kind words!

It was a fortunate day indeed when Kristi came into my life. My company was in desperate need of fast, talented writers and we were encountering nothing but hacks. And then I found Kristi, who was smart, fast, reliable, creative, and a joy to work with. I can probably count on one hand the genuinely good writers I’ve known in my life, and I’m happy to count Kristi among them.

Steve Boudreault


Kristi created content for our home and garden blogs that still receives comments and substantial web traffic. She met deadlines and brought home & garden industry expertise that cannot be researched! If you are looking for engagement, Kristi is a good bet.

Lindsey Pfeiffer

Carlsbad Manufacturing

Kristi and I have collaborated on writing and content strategy for years. She has a journalist’s eye, meaning her content is always well-researched and written to high standards. She understands content marketing and has the rare ability to assimilate a brand’s identity and adapt her tone to a variety of styles. She’s communicative, personable, and tremendously fun to work with. If Kristi were a film, I’d give her two resounding thumbs up.

Amanda Layman

Founder, Tigris Content Strategies

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